Thoughts & Speech Art

This is a little painting I did from a really crap feeling.  It's a pretty strange feeling to articulate into words, so I'm not too sure I can explain my original "meaning" of this.  Shortly, it has to do with thoughts and speech; but I'll let you pull your own concept together for it, I'm curious as to… Continue reading Thoughts & Speech Art


Fishing Life Drawing

On my last weekend at camp for the summer, I decided to go fishing with my mom and Gramma.  Or rather, I went boating, while they fished (didn't get my licence this year).  In any case, I had a few great hours on the lake chilling with my two favourite women.  While I stupidly forgot… Continue reading Fishing Life Drawing


Original Art & Lily Collins

This weekend, when I wasn't watching the final episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with my own brother, I was creating art.  I'd purchased a mixed media art pad (6x8in, 15 pages) of Strathmore paper with the intent of making some nice finished pieces for my room to frame.  I decided to test it out with the… Continue reading Original Art & Lily Collins