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Two Tidbits from the Last 4 Years

My journey toward a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical biology is finally over.  Tuesday, I graduated and celebrated with my friends and family after four years of sweat and tears (no blood, thankfully!).  I walked across the stage and accepted the proof of my hard work and dedication.  My family was there to celebrate, and I… Continue reading Two Tidbits from the Last 4 Years

life, student life

Second Thoughts for Sleepless Nights

My friend, E, and I have recently shared a worry-filled, late night conversation.  Both she and I are two years in our post-secondary education, with less than a month left in our second year studies.  Both she and I have also considered changing our programs of study, and we've dealt with a heck of a lot… Continue reading Second Thoughts for Sleepless Nights