Original Art & Lily Collins

This weekend, when I wasn't watching the final episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with my own brother, I was creating art.  I'd purchased a mixed media art pad (6x8in, 15 pages) of Strathmore paper with the intent of making some nice finished pieces for my room to frame.  I decided to test it out with the… Continue reading Original Art & Lily Collins


Blown Ink Doodles

In my grade 11 art class, we used to make "monsters" from a drop of ink blown around with a straw.  Basically like a scribble doodle, but with something more organic - liquid and wind.  Recently I've been doing some scribble doodles, and they aren't as random as you'd think... you are the one controling… Continue reading Blown Ink Doodles