Winter Cabin Watercolour Painting

Since it feels a lot like this right now in my town, I figured it would be a nice time to post this old painting from last month. ☺   I used my Reeve's and Artist Loft watercolours with a mix of synthetic and natural brushes (the natural ones were originally my Grandma's).  I detailed… Continue reading Winter Cabin Watercolour Painting


Original Art & Lily Collins

This weekend, when I wasn't watching the final episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with my own brother, I was creating art.  I'd purchased a mixed media art pad (6x8in, 15 pages) of Strathmore paper with the intent of making some nice finished pieces for my room to frame.  I decided to test it out with the… Continue reading Original Art & Lily Collins


Weekend Sketches

This is Nemo, Sandra's (or MissCoookiez') kitten.  |  Prismacolor pencils, Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens, Copic multiliner, Staedtler liner, a euro blend White Charcoal pencil and white acrylic paint. A Finnish Spitz on which I wanted to see how the FB markers would work on colours other than grey-tones.  It worked well with the oranges… Continue reading Weekend Sketches