Today’s Thoughts on Camping

At the start of this weekend past, I was questioning why I went to camp anymore.  I saw my parents every day, so that wasn't why... I could see my family whenever, and it didn't have to be on weekends, too.  It's not even a family cottage that my grandparents built with their own hands… Continue reading Today’s Thoughts on Camping


A Week without WiFi

There has been a slight change since my last week spent at camp, as per the title of this post.  Last time, there was either free wifi or my aunts “turbo stick” at my disposal.  However, my aunt has reached her internet limit for the month and the free wifi is now password protected.  I… Continue reading A Week without WiFi

shiny new things

Last Week in Shiny, New Things; 2

Disclaimer: not necessarily shiny, not necessarily new. Friends Last weekend, my family made a bunch of new friends: a rough little boy, two adorable girls and their parents.  They were travelling from Alberta to Ottawa with at least $200 of husband-bought Costco meat and eggs to cook on the barbeque or over the fire.  Not… Continue reading Last Week in Shiny, New Things; 2


Camp Etiquette

For our family, the May 2-4 (ironically not even close to May 24th this year!) is the beacon of summer: from then on, its camp every weekend until Labour Day weekend in September.  At camp this past weekend, I had some awesome moments, some deep and thoughtful moments, and some horribly infuriating moments. I feel the… Continue reading Camp Etiquette