Fishing Life Drawing

On my last weekend at camp for the summer, I decided to go fishing with my mom and Gramma.  Or rather, I went boating, while they fished (didn't get my licence this year).  In any case, I had a few great hours on the lake chilling with my two favourite women.  While I stupidly forgot… Continue reading Fishing Life Drawing

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Elsiveth Character Concept

Below is a character concept for a story I'd started thinking about last summer.  Her name is Elsiveth (or something along those lines) and she's gone through a lot of change over the different stories I'd started writing.  First she was an assassin, then she was a less assassin-y rogue, then she was an unknown… Continue reading Elsiveth Character Concept

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The Blacklist ART

To begin: I am working on a sort of resolutions post that will be posted within the week, and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone's holidays were spent to their liking and that some nice memories were made. To the title of this post, The Blacklist is the reason Thursday's are my favourite day.  The… Continue reading The Blacklist ART

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Last Week in Shiny, New Things; 3

Not necessarily new, not necessarily shiny. Last weekend, I spent my time at camp reading.  And reading.  And reading some more.  I eventually finished the second day of the Patrick Rothfuss Kingkiller Chronicle, and now I am eternally sad.  My brother said the third book won't be coming out in 2015, so I have a… Continue reading Last Week in Shiny, New Things; 3


Original Art & Lily Collins

This weekend, when I wasn't watching the final episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with my own brother, I was creating art.  I'd purchased a mixed media art pad (6x8in, 15 pages) of Strathmore paper with the intent of making some nice finished pieces for my room to frame.  I decided to test it out with the… Continue reading Original Art & Lily Collins

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1000 Anatomy Sketches; Batch 1

Since I will be opening requests for sketches (or possible watercolor or coloured pencil drawings!...), if you've got a favourite actor/actress, television character or personal character, leave me a link ☺  I'd love to draw them for you (or attempt to)!  As long as they are people, for now.  I'm trying to work on portraits and… Continue reading 1000 Anatomy Sketches; Batch 1


New Prismacolors – and artwork!

Yesterday, I visited Michael's with a 5$ off coupon, and ended up purchasing a few extra things than I'd anticipated.  Here are the items I've "tested" out already! Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils The reason I needed to make some art purchases was to replace the Eagle and Berol Scholar colours I'd shortened with some new Premier… Continue reading New Prismacolors – and artwork!


Weekend Sketches

This is Nemo, Sandra's (or MissCoookiez') kitten.  |  Prismacolor pencils, Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens, Copic multiliner, Staedtler liner, a euro blend White Charcoal pencil and white acrylic paint. A Finnish Spitz on which I wanted to see how the FB markers would work on colours other than grey-tones.  It worked well with the oranges… Continue reading Weekend Sketches