Future Achievements

What is a future achievement?

A future achievement is my take on the New Years Resolution.  I used to make New Years Resolutions to stop eating candy, or give up pop, or be nicer.  And I would stop eating candy, give up pop, and be nicer… for all of January.  And then I would forget what New Years Resolutions were until the next New Years.  I know I’m not the only one… ☺

But future achievements are different.  They’re things we know we will achieve given the right amount of time and resources.  With these achievements we can reflect on why something needs to change, or how we might want to go about implementing the change.  They might have a deadline, or they might be just about bettering ourselves over time.  Regardless of the detail and depth of these achievements, how high or how low we’ve set our goals, the basis of future achievements is the mindset that we write them with: they will happen.  I will achieve this goal.  I can do it.

The best part is, if you haven’t quite achieved what you set out to achieve, you can reflect on it throughout the year, refine your game plan, and keep going.

I actually encourage you to write out a list of things you want to better about yourself, things you want to do… write out a list of your future achievements.  Throughout the year, check yourself and reflect: have I achieved this goal yet?  Where am I in relation to where I want to be?  How can I get there sooner?  What else have I noticed that I would like to add to my list?

I have my blog where I can reflect on my future achievements, but you can write them down on a scrap of paper, in a journal or diary, or in a letter that you write to yourself.  Put them on a whiteboard even, and look them over every day if you want.  Or check them out monthly and revise them as you go.

Here I wanted to write down my future achievements (I go by year) in point-form for easy access.

Future Achievements for 2018

  1. Be true to myself, ground myself, and find happiness.
  2. Learn how to forgive, and mean it.
  3. Go on more adventures, create spaces to be myself.
  4. Keep everything together, stay on top of things.

Future Achievements for 2017

  1. Do the important stuff sooner   Do not procrastinate
  2. Figure out what I want to do with life
  3. Exercise
  4. Find my voice, share opinions
  5. Reflect
  6. Be present
  7. Invest in relationships
  8. Be courageous

Future Achievements for 2016

  1. Finish with a great GPA, earn it
  2. Get a job, or internship
  3. Become a better artist
  4. Sell prints
  5. Be grateful for what I have
  6. Be less judgemental
  7. Relax, go easier on myself
  8. Still push myself to be my best
  9. Listen
  10. Think before I speak

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