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The Chaotic Path to my Career

So, the last post I made, started out negative, and then turned positive after the editing/reflection process.  I'm hoping the same happens for this one, but at the same time, I don't want to put a wash of optimism where it does not belong.  Okay, that sounded super depressive... but, I don't want to turn… Continue reading The Chaotic Path to my Career

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So Far So Good – Future Achievements Review

This year has kind of flown by so far.  In a whole 8 months, I've only really accomplished one of my achievements I set forth at the beginning of the year.  I figured out, generally, what I want to do with my life.  Which, as far as achievements go, that's a pretty significant one, I… Continue reading So Far So Good – Future Achievements Review

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A Collection of 15 Bite-Sized Lessons

To follow up on my last blog post where I shared two tidbits of what I learnt from university, I've made a collection of shorter things to keep in mind when going through the motions of post-secondary learning.  These are some things I heard about or learnt throughout the process that not every student will… Continue reading A Collection of 15 Bite-Sized Lessons

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Two Tidbits from the Last 4 Years

My journey toward a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical biology is finally over.  Tuesday, I graduated and celebrated with my friends and family after four years of sweat and tears (no blood, thankfully!).  I walked across the stage and accepted the proof of my hard work and dedication.  My family was there to celebrate, and I… Continue reading Two Tidbits from the Last 4 Years

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Future Achievements of 2017

I have a friend who made the most beautiful comment on 2016 and the new year.  I won't copy it word-for-word because it was a very personal comment loaded with personal things that were not written for me to repeat to the world.  To paraphrase, 2016 was an interesting year filled with new experiences.  Her… Continue reading Future Achievements of 2017

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Conquering Finals: how to start studying

     I'll make this one a shorter post, since if you're reading this, you're probably browsing the internet instead of actually studying. 😉  (Don't worry, I should be studying right now, too!). In that case, let's get to 'er: Basically: Pick up your notes and just start reading.      You might be thinking:… Continue reading Conquering Finals: how to start studying

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Last Term* in Shiny, New Things; 4

Disclaimer: not always shiny, not always new. These past ...three months! have brought about a bunch of change. Firstly, even with my three month vacation into the world of third-year university, there are more of you following this blog!  It's a strange feeling knowing that 31 people have decided your blog is worth the follow, but I am… Continue reading Last Term* in Shiny, New Things; 4

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Second Thoughts for Sleepless Nights

My friend, E, and I have recently shared a worry-filled, late night conversation.  Both she and I are two years in our post-secondary education, with less than a month left in our second year studies.  Both she and I have also considered changing our programs of study, and we've dealt with a heck of a lot… Continue reading Second Thoughts for Sleepless Nights