Truth, Grounding, and Happiness – 2018’s Future Achievements

It’s 2018 all of a sudden and I need to reflect on a year that wasn’t too great. Well, superficially, 2017 looked fine. I graduated from university with a degree in something I love that helped me figure out my next step. I took that next step. I learnt how to ride my motorcycle and… Continue reading Truth, Grounding, and Happiness – 2018’s Future Achievements

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The Chaotic Path to my Career

So, the last post I made, started out negative, and then turned positive after the editing/reflection process.  I'm hoping the same happens for this one, but at the same time, I don't want to put a wash of optimism where it does not belong.  Okay, that sounded super depressive... but, I don't want to turn… Continue reading The Chaotic Path to my Career

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So Far So Good – Future Achievements Review

This year has kind of flown by so far.  In a whole 8 months, I've only really accomplished one of my achievements I set forth at the beginning of the year.  I figured out, generally, what I want to do with my life.  Which, as far as achievements go, that's a pretty significant one, I… Continue reading So Far So Good – Future Achievements Review



"You don't know what you've got till it's gone." I never really understood how stupidly bittersweet the phrase was until recently.  I've been so comfortable with everyone and everything around me that little changes never made too much impact on how I went about my day.  Moving into the basement removed some of the convenience… Continue reading Bittersweet


Today’s Thoughts on Camping

At the start of this weekend past, I was questioning why I went to camp anymore.  I saw my parents every day, so that wasn't why... I could see my family whenever, and it didn't have to be on weekends, too.  It's not even a family cottage that my grandparents built with their own hands… Continue reading Today’s Thoughts on Camping

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A Collection of 15 Bite-Sized Lessons

To follow up on my last blog post where I shared two tidbits of what I learnt from university, I've made a collection of shorter things to keep in mind when going through the motions of post-secondary learning.  These are some things I heard about or learnt throughout the process that not every student will… Continue reading A Collection of 15 Bite-Sized Lessons

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Two Tidbits from the Last 4 Years

My journey toward a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical biology is finally over.  Tuesday, I graduated and celebrated with my friends and family after four years of sweat and tears (no blood, thankfully!).  I walked across the stage and accepted the proof of my hard work and dedication.  My family was there to celebrate, and I… Continue reading Two Tidbits from the Last 4 Years


The Kiv Garden 2017

Last years garden was small and lack-luster.  All I got were tomatoes from a plant that was purchased with flowers on it already (thanks Costco!).  The cucumber and pepper plants, and strawberries I bought were always close to producing fruit but whenever I left for camp for the weekend, they would dry up and die,… Continue reading The Kiv Garden 2017

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Future Achievements of 2017

I have a friend who made the most beautiful comment on 2016 and the new year.  I won't copy it word-for-word because it was a very personal comment loaded with personal things that were not written for me to repeat to the world.  To paraphrase, 2016 was an interesting year filled with new experiences.  Her… Continue reading Future Achievements of 2017

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Last Year in Shiny, New Achievements; 6

     I always seem to write these posts around midnight.  I was about to start a drawing when I decided instead to start writing, instead.  And I always seem to write the framework, only to finish it a week later: I am now recovering from wisdom teeth removal (second day and I feel fine, no… Continue reading Last Year in Shiny, New Achievements; 6

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Last Week in Shiny, New Achievements; 5

I'm having a surreal day trying to grasp the fact that I just had my last lecture of my third year university... !!!!!!!!  I feel like laughing maniacally but that would freak my dog out.  Or probably just annoy her - hehe. So yes, I have 5 final exams to go, my last one on… Continue reading Last Week in Shiny, New Achievements; 5


Future Achievements for 2016

Before I get to the heart of this post, I wanted to say that I am officially changing the domain name of The Creative Kiv from: to I probably should have done this when I actually changed the name itself, but it should be okay now.  I'll be changing all my social media… Continue reading Future Achievements for 2016

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Christmas has Changed

Sometimes I think to myself that Christmas is changing for the worse in my family.  It all started 5 years ago with the passing of my grandfather in November.  It was sudden, it was shocking, and it is my most fragile memory. All Christmas' (more specifically Christmas Eve's) up to 2010 were spent in my grandparent's… Continue reading Christmas has Changed