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Future Achievements of 2017

I have a friend who made the most beautiful comment on 2016 and the new year.  I won't copy it word-for-word because it was a very personal comment loaded with personal things that were not written for me to repeat to the world.  To paraphrase, 2016 was an interesting year filled with new experiences.  Her… Continue reading Future Achievements of 2017

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Elsiveth Character Concept

Below is a character concept for a story I'd started thinking about last summer.  Her name is Elsiveth (or something along those lines) and she's gone through a lot of change over the different stories I'd started writing.  First she was an assassin, then she was a less assassin-y rogue, then she was an unknown… Continue reading Elsiveth Character Concept

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The Blacklist ART

To begin: I am working on a sort of resolutions post that will be posted within the week, and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone's holidays were spent to their liking and that some nice memories were made. To the title of this post, The Blacklist is the reason Thursday's are my favourite day.  The… Continue reading The Blacklist ART

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1000 Anatomy Sketches; Batch 1

  I've been considering completing some sort of anatomy challenge for a while now.  I recently started "watching" Yuuza on deviantArt for her incredible artwork, and realized she has a 1000 Anatomy Sketches Challenge.  Though 1000 is a lot of sketches, I'm excited for the final results! While I may not post the entire 1000… Continue reading 1000 Anatomy Sketches; Batch 1

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Bird Watching

I wish I could gloat about how well I can draw birds that are flying by my window, but sadly, I'm not that quick to remember intense colours and details yet.  Soon.  Or probably not. I did decide to draw the birds that are incessantly chirping in my window every morning.  Tiny, cute chickadees, handsome, elegant… Continue reading Bird Watching