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Camp Style Art

Hello, and happy... FIRST OF SEPTEMBER?  Whoa, time just flew, flew away this summer. I did manage to create quite a lot of art over the past few months (which can be found on my Instagram).  Although my last post is from April, I promise I have been making art!  Without another second of waiting, here's some art from… Continue reading Camp Style Art


Winter Cabin Watercolour Painting

Since it feels a lot like this right now in my town, I figured it would be a nice time to post this old painting from last month. ☺   I used my Reeve's and Artist Loft watercolours with a mix of synthetic and natural brushes (the natural ones were originally my Grandma's).  I detailed… Continue reading Winter Cabin Watercolour Painting

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Last Week in Shiny, New Achievements; 5

I'm having a surreal day trying to grasp the fact that I just had my last lecture of my third year university... !!!!!!!!  I feel like laughing maniacally but that would freak my dog out.  Or probably just annoy her - hehe. So yes, I have 5 final exams to go, my last one on… Continue reading Last Week in Shiny, New Achievements; 5

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Elsiveth Character Concept

Below is a character concept for a story I'd started thinking about last summer.  Her name is Elsiveth (or something along those lines) and she's gone through a lot of change over the different stories I'd started writing.  First she was an assassin, then she was a less assassin-y rogue, then she was an unknown… Continue reading Elsiveth Character Concept


Future Achievements for 2016

Before I get to the heart of this post, I wanted to say that I am officially changing the domain name of The Creative Kiv from: to I probably should have done this when I actually changed the name itself, but it should be okay now.  I'll be changing all my social media… Continue reading Future Achievements for 2016

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The Blacklist ART

To begin: I am working on a sort of resolutions post that will be posted within the week, and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone's holidays were spent to their liking and that some nice memories were made. To the title of this post, The Blacklist is the reason Thursday's are my favourite day.  The… Continue reading The Blacklist ART

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Christmas has Changed

Sometimes I think to myself that Christmas is changing for the worse in my family.  It all started 5 years ago with the passing of my grandfather in November.  It was sudden, it was shocking, and it is my most fragile memory. All Christmas' (more specifically Christmas Eve's) up to 2010 were spent in my grandparent's… Continue reading Christmas has Changed

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Conquering Finals: how to start studying

     I'll make this one a shorter post, since if you're reading this, you're probably browsing the internet instead of actually studying. 😉  (Don't worry, I should be studying right now, too!). In that case, let's get to 'er: Basically: Pick up your notes and just start reading.      You might be thinking:… Continue reading Conquering Finals: how to start studying

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Last Term* in Shiny, New Things; 4

Disclaimer: not always shiny, not always new. These past ...three months! have brought about a bunch of change. Firstly, even with my three month vacation into the world of third-year university, there are more of you following this blog!  It's a strange feeling knowing that 31 people have decided your blog is worth the follow, but I am… Continue reading Last Term* in Shiny, New Things; 4

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Last Week in Shiny, New Things; 3

Not necessarily new, not necessarily shiny. Last weekend, I spent my time at camp reading.  And reading.  And reading some more.  I eventually finished the second day of the Patrick Rothfuss Kingkiller Chronicle, and now I am eternally sad.  My brother said the third book won't be coming out in 2015, so I have a… Continue reading Last Week in Shiny, New Things; 3


Photography | Foggy Evening

A rainy day followed by a warm night can produce a beautiful image.  Nothing will ever capture the feeling of being there though: the humid heat, the water drops on the grass soaking my socks, the smell of petrichor, and the ever-changing wisps of steam coming off the road and out of the trees.  It… Continue reading Photography | Foggy Evening