Today’s Thoughts on Camping

At the start of this weekend past, I was questioning why I went to camp anymore.  I saw my parents every day, so that wasn’t why… I could see my family whenever, and it didn’t have to be on weekends, too.  It’s not even a family cottage that my grandparents built with their own hands or something, it’s just three of our campers on a local campground.  It involves a lot of alcohol, a lot of stories, and a lot of adult talk that I’m never privy to unless the family has been drinking.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the adult talk, I just wish it didn’t only come around with beer.  Camp really doesn’t involve much else but alcohol and fishing.

My parents love it.

But it’s not really for me.

I had a boyfriend whose family had a cottage in the middle of nowhere, and it was amazing.  It’s one of the things I really, truly miss the most from that relationship.  The seclusion, the fun and games, no alcohol.  It was built by his grandfather, and there were lots of buildings, lots of other things to do, too… sauna, swimming, volleyball or badminton, open space to play around in, forested areas that made it look magical.  Beautiful log cabin.  That’s something I wish my family had – a place all our own where anyone could visit at anytime to get together and relax.  Even in the winter (we had a sauna those days, and even rolled around in the snow – it was COLD!).

I guess camp for me is less about the booze and fishing, and more about the feeling.  So at our camp right now, it’s only really about the trails out there.  Once I get the motorcycle running, it’ll be even more exciting to go to camp, but I wouldn’t really be going to visit family.  I’ll be riding the looping trails around the lakes, getting a taste of the dirt and the sun from the seat of my Sherpa.  I can’t wait.  The bike is currently in my brothers basement still (going over today to get it out, hopefully!), but once it’s all insured and plated, I’ll be riding around for the whole of summer.

In the meantime, I have my grampa’s old four-wheeler to ride around those trails, to get used to them again.  Four wheels are more stable than two, so I can take the trails faster, but I’ll be excited to see how I fare on two.  Anyway, here are some pictures I took on the trails these last two days at camp.  I had gone for atv rides both days, despite the rain, but it ended up holding out for me to get back to the safety of the camper (I wore puddle-jumpers just in case).  Both rides were amazing fun, one shorter than the other when I ran out of gas, but I had myself a great time at camp.  Saved a turtle, saw another one and then a beaver, too.  Lots of dragon flies and black-and-white butterflies.

I had a great time at camp, and it felt amazing to be out on my own with nothing but the four-wheeler under me.

If you camp during the summer with your family, I hope you enjoy your time there – however that may be.  If you’re on a bike or atv, please be safe, drive responsibly, and don’t drink and drive.  It’s still a motorized vehicle that could hurt you and anyone around you.  Be smart.

And share some photos of your trails – if they’re in Ontario, Canada, I’d love to come for a visit on the Sherpa some time!  Show me a beautiful trail/road (doesn’t have to be intense enduro stuff), and I’ll see how it looks for my current confidence level. ☺  Either this year or next, I’m planning on doing an Ontario trip… where should I go?

Take care, hopefully the next post involves the Sherpa! ♥


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