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Future Achievements of 2017

I have a friend who made the most beautiful comment on 2016 and the new year.  I won’t copy it word-for-word because it was a very personal comment loaded with personal things that were not written for me to repeat to the world.  To paraphrase, 2016 was an interesting year filled with new experiences.  Her closing words were about not making New Years about the new year, but instead focusing on the person actually experiencing the ups and the downs that will happen within the bounds of 2017.  I’m not sure if she reads my blog (I don’t share my posts with family or friends because it’s easier to be honest, for me), but I am so proud of where her journey is taking her. She has endured some tough times, so she deserves something wonderful.

After reading her comment, it was a little upsetting to see all of those fancy, Tumblr-esque quotes about 2017 being YOUR YEAR! and about 2017 providing you with all of these new opportunities “that would never have existed without the New Year.”  This is absolute B.S.: the New Year just happens; you are the reason that these opportunities arise, and YOU are the one who will take charge of your life this year.

You.  It’s all about you.  Not the four numbers making up a year.  (Also not the egotistical you.)

I will be striving to better myself this year; that is one thing I know.  And again this year, I am not making any resolutions, but a list of future achievements that I will attempt to complete within these next 52 51 weeks.

I remember last year I had made a list of academic, and then personal things to achieve.  This year, both will be intertwined.  I have to start realizing that I will become that I am studying to become, and that will become my life – for the most-part.  That said, my schooling is about to end in less than 90 days and I am SO EXCITED.  There are so many different options!

So, here goes…

I will NOT procrastinate – do you hear me, Kiv?  No procrastination.  That way I will be prepared, and can stop stressing myself out over tight deadlines.

I will figure out what I want to do with my life, or at least the next decade or so.  I have a few options: (1) Go to college for Medical Laboratory Technology: this is 2-3 years (depending on if I am allowed to fast-track with my B.Sc [less than 90 days left!!!]), and it would offer me the job I cried happy tears about when I realized it existed.  (2) Go for a Master’s in Cellular Biology: this is 2 years, it could mean moving to another city, and it would offer me a job in a research lab (or whatever else I might decide; Ph.D? MD?).  (3) Apply for work with my B.Sc: this would mean applying and hopefully working in a laboratory, and it would mean no more school.  All options offer really great futures, I just have to decide which I’d prefer.  I do know that I want a job where even bad days are still awesome.

I will start exercising.  Just eating healthy doesn’t make me healthy.  Now, this isn’t just for health…  I will be riding a dirt bike.  Not only does this require balance, but strength as well.  “My” bike weighs just about 300 pounds; it’s awesome, but it isn’t light-weight.  Not to downplay the fact that I do want to be healthy, but I also want to be able to right and ride my dirt bike.

I will find my voice.  This plays off of last year’s achievement that I discussed in my last post.  I wanted to be less judgemental through 2016, and I definitely achieved this (for everyone but my dad… this is also something to work on).  But instead of just being nicer and more friendly, I ended up swallowing my voice.  I don’t recall ever saying something opinionated all of last year.  I don’t like conflict so I always try to be neutral, but I will start holding my opinions out for the world to see.  Now, I won’t be a donkey about it, but I won’t be so quiet on my own behalf anymore.  Like I said before, opinions lead to great conversation, discussion, and especially to growth and development.

I will start reflecting on my life and learning from myself.  I hate how the things I learn (be it about myself, about science, or about anything else) never really set in.  I feel like I never really learn something, but just… remember it?  School really killed my reflection ability with memorization.  I will reflect, be mindful, and be present.

And lastly, I will share awesome relationships with people.  I’ve been brave enough to end bad relationships, but not yet brave enough to start new ones.  This is something I need to work on so that I’m not spending my life with my plants.  They are really awesome, though!  On a similar note, I will be courageous and brave (i.e., self-confident) enough to talk to people – especially profs, but just talking to anyone.  If I want to continue in the science setting, connections will be key.


To summarize: I will stop putting things off, figure out my next decade, start exercising for health and personal reasons, I will find my voice again, start reflecting and being mindful, and I will be brave enough to start new relationships.

Alright, now it’s time to start working toward these future achievements!  Hopefully you and your goals or resolutions have stuck with you for this first week and a bit of 2017.  Just remember though that it isn’t about those 4 numbers, but instead about bettering yourself.




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