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Last Year in Shiny, New Achievements; 6

     I always seem to write these posts around midnight.  I was about to start a drawing when I decided instead to start writing, instead.  And I always seem to write the framework, only to finish it a week later: I am now recovering from wisdom teeth removal (second day and I feel fine, no pain, and only half-chipmunk)!  In any case, it is time to continue with this shiny new achievements post, talking about the 2016 “resolutions”/future achievements I’ve accomplished throughout the year.

Side note: this is not a post about bragging, “HAHA I DID ALL THIS STUFF,” just a post almost more for myself to see what I was able to do this year.  There were a lot of fumbles and bad things that happened this year but for now I’m focusing on the good sh*t. ♥

     This year, I know I didn’t make many posts, but from my last achievements post, I completed most of my goals.  These include being more grateful, being less judgemental, more relaxed, going easier on myself while still pushing myself hard.  I feel as though I have accomplished all of these things to varying degrees, some more successfully than others!

     I’ve come to realize just how lucky I am to have all the things that I do around me, and I’ve been trying to be less wasteful of these things – less throw-away and more “what else could I do with this?”  I have yet to reduce the amount of things I own (not trying for minimalism, just trying to purge the bull-crap from the nooks and crannies), but before I think of tossing things, I now think of new purposes for them.  I refuse to be a contributor to the throw-away society we now seem to live in, so much so that I’ve still not replaced my laptop whose touch screen has been cracked and turned off for 2 months now.  I’ll keep it until I absolutely kill this little laptop (the cracks on the right of the screen messed with pressure sensitiviy of the touch screen so I had to turn that off, but it still lives).

     I feel like I’ve been less judgemental of people around me… to the point where I’ve lost my voice and my own opinions.  So, while I will continue to be less judgemental of others (i.e., I will not be rude to people) I will still hold my own opinions and will voice them as they seem necessary.  Basically, there’s a balance to what you say to yourself and what you speak out loud for others to hear.  I will continue to be polite and follow Thumper’s rule of “if you can’t saythumper-nice-say-thing anything nice, don’t say nothing at all,” but I refuse to be more quite about my opinions, especially now that I’m starting to figure out what I do and do not agree with in this world.  Plus opinions lead to great conversation, discussion, and growth.

     I feel as if I also went a little overboard on the relaxation part in some areas and not enough in others.  Cases in point:

  • Overboard: sleeping in… I absolutely love sleeping in in the mornings.  I always have the coolest dreams from the time I first start waking up till the time I get out of bed (usually 7am to noon-ish).  The problem is the noon-ish part… while I love these dreams, I hate getting up late having wasted the whole morning.  Especially since I had school in the afternoon most days this semester, I found that my sleep schedule was either go to bed late, wake up late, or go to bed early, wake up late.  I think I got the most hours of sleep in university ever this last semester (averaged about 10 hour sleeps… which isn’t bad, just excessive).
  • Not enough: Note, I ended up getting a summer job that turned from temporary into part-time, in retail (another accomplishment achieved!).  I’ve noticed that when someone is relying on me to do something, I will do my absolute best to do it perfectly, the exact way that they want it, regardless of how much I have to push myself, or how important the task is.  Then that person gets super happy (eg: my manager), and holds me to that high a standard for everything else.  That stresses me out…  Sometimes I just can’t function at 100% and I don’t get everything done that’s been asked of me (especially when I have 4 h to do 8 h worth of stuff).  In those situations, I just have to realize that I am doing the best that I can.  There are always more days that I can finish whatever task was asked of me, and my breaks can’t always wait.

So all that said, I’ve been more grateful, less judgemental, and more-or-less relaxed (LOL), not to mention I got a job to pay for school, I finished third year (and the start of forth so far) with a great GPA, and I’ve started to listen more and actually think before I speak.  All in all, 2016 was an eye-opening year.

I hope you all had a great, or at least sufficiently exciting 2016 in which lots of growth and happiness came your way.  If not, here’s hoping 2017 brings you more joy and courage.

     Stay tuned for this weekend/next week and my 2017 future achievements post!  Going to reach further for those stars within myself.




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