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Photography A-1

With my fourth year of already begun, I was excitedly nervous.  Excited for graduation in a few months time, as well as for my defence of my undergraduate thesis, among other things.  Nervous for all of the crazy electives I was taking – guys, don’t take 4th year chemistry classes as “fun electives,” and DON’T mess with the 5-5 course balance for your terms!  Let me explain.  I was originally taking six courses in the Fall term and four in the Winter… not always a bad thing, if you can handle your courses.  It is, however, a bad idea when all six of your courses are fourth year classes that are all very demanding.  Thankfully, my Mom and thesis supervisor advised me to drop two of my “fun” chemistry “electives” for more fun and relaxing courses.  Hence, the title of this post!

YES! I finally took the photography course I had wanted to take since first year.  It is a lot of fun so far, and I’ve learnt A LOT already in terms of how to take better photos.  My one problem with it is that the other students aren’t really there to learn, they are there for the grade (as photography is usually considered a “bird” course).  But since I’m enjoying myself, I can ignore that. 🙂  In any case, the photos below are part of the first practical assignment for the class.  Every third Thursday* I’ll have some more practical photos to share.

Well, here are my first photos! ❤

The Gardener: Inverting Perspectivesgardening_el-kiv_2016


Beware?: Point of Viewbeware_el-kiv


Hog: Power of Oppositesgrowth_el-kiv


Pumpkin & Mums: Graphic Similaritypumpkin_mum_el-kiv


Purple: Extra (White Balance is my new hero!)purple_flowers_el-kiv

*Back to the fact that today is Sunday, not Thursday: Thursday is my busiest day of classes, starting at 10 am and ending at 10 pm.  That said, while I like posting Thursday, that might not always happen.  I’ll probably shift posting to Fridays, or a weekend day.

((Nikon D7000, on fully manual, NO post-processing – very proud of that!))

Anywho, hope your school year has started off well – can’t believe it’s already been three weeks!  Remember: hard work pays off, stay on top of it.



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