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Elsiveth Character Concept

Below is a character concept for a story I’d started thinking about last summer.  Her name is Elsiveth (or something along those lines) and she’s gone through a lot of change over the different stories I’d started writing.  First she was an assassin, then she was a less assassin-y rogue, then she was an unknown rescued by a farm kid… this time I think I have a better idea of how to fit the story around her and I’m pretty excited for it.  It’s a sword and dagger kind of world with kings and lords. ☺

character concept

Materials: Drawn on a Toned-Tan Strathmore notebook.  Sketched with Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils (2H and HB).  Coloured with Prismacolour Brush markers and coloured pencils, and two grey Copics markers.  I referenced an image of Helena McKelvie.

I wasn’t able to get the ash-brown hair I wanted with the markers I have, so the hair turned out a lot more dark that I wanted.  Otherwise, everything turned out pretty well, I think! ☺

I mentioned her world is an early world with daggers and swords, honestly kind of like Skyrim – minus the dragons and possibly the magic stuff.  We’ll see about the magic, but right now I don’t see any in this story.  My current thought for her is that she’s in her late teens and she’s working as a seamstress or sewing-maid.  I was actually going to make this picture into a scene with her sewing some dresses or pulling a needle, but I wanted to make it into something a bit simpler for a concept.

I’ll be altering her look from Helena’s a bit, but the overall aesthetic is nearly spot on. ♥

Anyway, we’ll see how her look and story develops over the summer!  I’ll be updating as things build up in art posts and in projects (here’s a link to this one).

PS: Hope you’ve all enjoyed a happy Easter, or a nice, relaxing long weekend. ☺


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