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The Blacklist ART

To begin: I am working on a sort of resolutions post that will be posted within the week, and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone’s holidays were spent to their liking and that some nice memories were made.

To the title of this post, The Blacklist is the reason Thursday’s are my favourite day.  The season picks up again tomorrow and I’m incredibly excited to sit back and continue the story.  I figured it would be a great reason to test my new markers (Mom, I love you so much) on some fanart of the show.

I used a Strathmore Toned-Tan sketch book, Prismacolor Brush markers (quite in love with PB145 in particular!), Eagle Prismacolor pencils, a Faber-Castell grey (235) PITT artist pen and finally, a white charcoal pencil for the eye whites.  I am soooo happy with how it turned out!

ElizabethKeen by Elske Kiviaho 0116 copy



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