Original Art & Lily Collins

This weekend, when I wasn’t watching the final episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with my own brother, I was creating art.  I’d purchased a mixed media art pad (6x8in, 15 pages) of Strathmore paper with the intent of making some nice finished pieces for my room to frame.  I decided to test it out with the ever harmful watercolours, and these are my results! ♥

For the first, I used watercolours and pencil crayons interchangeably.  I inked all three with a Faber-Castell brush pen and a Copic multiliner (0.3) for the finer details….  The last two only used watercolours.  References were used for all three, and can be found on google images.


I’m extremely pleased with the results – I love the lines, especially on the second with the lace details.  I really love the style… it definitely feels like something of my own, and something I could dive further into to create something special for myself.  I wish I could be more capable or risk-taking with epic backgrounds, but I’ll be working on things like adding foreground and backgrounds, creating more dynamic scenes instead of strictly portraits.  I already have a “fan-art” for Brotherhood planned that will be a full scene, too.  Very impressed with myself, I have to say! ☺

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend – here’s to a great week ahead ♥


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