1000 anatomy sketches, art, inspiration

1000 Anatomy Sketches; Batch 1

Since I will be opening requests for sketches (or possible watercolor or coloured pencil drawings!…), if you’ve got a favourite actor/actress, television character or personal character, leave me a link ☺  I’d love to draw them for you (or attempt to)!  As long as they are people, for now.  I’m trying to work on portraits and human anatomy, right now. ♥

I’ve been considering completing some sort of anatomy challenge for a while now.  I recently started “watching” Yuuza on deviantArt for her incredible artwork, and realized she has a 1000 Anatomy Sketches Challenge.  Though 1000 is a lot of sketches, I’m excited for the final results!

I’m also considering opening requests or possible commisions down the line – requests first to practise on a diverse array of subjects and such.  I’ll be posting a journal over on dA, as well. ☺

While I may not post the entire 1000 because, well, 1000… here are the first few sketches I completed while at camp!


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