New Prismacolors – and artwork!

Yesterday, I visited Michael’s with a 5$ off coupon, and ended up purchasing a few extra things than I’d anticipated.  Here are the items I’ve “tested” out already!

Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils

The reason I needed to make some art purchases was to replace the Eagle and Berol Scholar colours I’d shortened with some new Premier colours.  I picked up a Terra Cotta (PC944), Light Flesh (PC927) and a Peach Beige (PC1085) to use as a light brown colour since neither of my current sets have any sort of light brown shades.  I also grabbed a Colourless pencil (PC1077) to test out as a blender.  I have to say, they are lovely colours, which I expected from my other Prismacolor pencils, and the Colourless pencil works magically. ☺


These, I was not entirely expecting to purchase….  Well, that’s a lie, since I’ve been wanting some markers for quite some time now.  I ended up purchasing TWO markers (with Brush and bullet nibs): Blondwood (PB-96) and Brick Beige (PB-78).  I’d tested them first on a cardboard sign in-store, and they appeared much lighter there than they do on my own paper.  Next time, I’ll sneakily test it on my own mini piece of paper.  They blend amazingly, the only issue is I don’t have a light enough colour to do highlight shades on the skin – yet.

My next purchase will definitely be some more of these markers, whether it be in a set or as some more individual markers, I still don’t know.  But I do know that they are awesome and I want more. ☺

Goat Man Artwork

This is a drawing I created to test out the markers and my new pencils.  I started with sketching out the goat man with a 2H Staedtler Mars Lumograph, then lined it lightly with a variety of Prismacolor pencil crayons.  I filled in the skin with a base coat of Premier Brush markers, and horribly decided to leave massive white holes for the light parts of the face.  While some of these holes ended up working out well, there were some that ended up looking like weird patches of colour (on the chest and shoulder).  Next time, I wont leave such clean lines surrounding the cutouts!  And next time, hopefully I’ll be able to make the base with more markers. ☺  I finished it up with Prismacolor pencils.

Next Steps

For a first attempt incorporating marker with coloured pencils, I think it actually turned out pretty well and generally smooth.  I used watercolour paper, which makes me think the pigments dried faster because of the papers absorbancy… hm, I’ll have to check into that! – and I’ll have to make the marker base more evenly pigmented next time, because some of the streaks still showed through (considering I only laid a bit of pencil over some areas).  Overall though, I’m pretty pleased!

I’ll end up purchasing a lighter colour eventually, or I’ll find a way to blend these ones out to lighter colours (alcohol, maybe?).  I was actually going to pick up a Copic Sketch in Y00000something (Silk), which was the lightest colour of all three markers I was looking at… but it was the most expensive, at $7.99 vs $5.99 for the Prismacolors!  Yikes.  I’ll have to look into the sets for Prismacolor and see what I can do.

Anybody out there whose purchased a set of the Prismacolor Premier Brush Markers?  Where did you get them, online or in-store, how many markers were there and what was the damage?  All I have around my place is a Michael’s store, so I’ll most likely be purchasing online.  No idea where to look though!

In the meantime, I hope everyones Thursday has been awesome!  ♥♥♥


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