mountain painting by elske kiv someawesomeartist

This is my first digital work since getting a new wacom for Christmas last year.  I’d originally been using a 4 or 5 year old Bamboo Touch and Pen, then my Mom got this Intuos for me.  I was so use to the Bamboo that it didn’t feel right, and the drawing surface was so clean and unscratched… I just sort of fell out of digital drawings from that point.  Plus, I found watercolour, which did what I wanted to do in my digital paintings, only traditionally.

Anywho, here’s the reference.  I like the style and overall how it turned out!  I wanted to play with the orange light but had no reason for it to be there… I was going to add vikings at a bonfire, or dragons or something… meh.  I’m happy with it!

Happy Tuesday!

Oh!  The brushes I used are from Balaskas on dA, here’s the link.  Epic brushes… I love the look.


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